About The Blind Fashion Show

The Blind Fashion show has made its first steps during New York Fashion Week in February 2016, then during Paris Fashion Week and will be soon at Dubai Fashion Week and London Fashion Week!  Although some were reluctant to the idea of having women walking the runway without a cane or a dog, many of you supported us, encouraged us and THANKS TO YOU! The Blind Fashion Show is now international and will continue on raising awareness with only one mission: breaking stereotypes, reversing the useless, unreal and obsolete diktats of  beauty.

The Blind Fashion Show

why a blind Fashion Show?

Why not? why is fashion a secluded industry with a majority of tall and skinny models? why can't anyone who knows how to model showcase a fashion line? The blind fashion show widens the industry of the fashion and modeling industry by opening its doors to women with a vision disability.  Regardless of your visual condition, you can  audition like any other sighted model in the industry to be selected to be part of the show.

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Through the channel of fashion, The Blind Fashion show is on a mission to educate on Visual Impairment. Many think being blind entails a complete dark vision which is far from reality. From retinitis pigmentosa to albinism, glaucoma or even diabetic retinopathy, blindness has a plethora of "styles"

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More Awereness

Less Discrimination

More Self Confidence

Less Judgement

Together, we ll celebrate blind people, their beauty and their devotion